Director of Demand Generation

Job description

About Crisp Video Group

Crisp Video Group is an incredibly fast moving, high growth company (1500%+ growth in 3 years) that is all about delivering the absolute best digital marketing and video production services on the market today.

We’re all about working hard and staying humble. In the spirit of humble bragging, here are some of our awards and accolades:

If you’re looking for a job that’s boring and easy, you won’t find that here. We put 110% into everything we do. Greatness is achieved through hard work, discipline, and sacrifice, and we’re determined to be great. Late nights and weekends happen - that’s what coffee is for (or caffeinated Crystal Light).


We’re not crazy; we just believe in what we do.


If you'd like to be part of a nationally recognized, collaborative and downright badass team, then we can’t wait to hear from you.


Position Details and Requirements

Does the idea of helping people develop their skills get you just as excited as the idea of developing nationwide marketing campaigns? Are you intrigued by marketing trends, data-driven projects, and finding out how to leverage the “next big thing” in your own marketing efforts?


Final question: when faced with a challenge, do you get excited or run away? If it’s the former, keep reading.


If you’re energized by challenging goals, you love problem solving, and you want to be a core part of developing a team that never backs down, you might be the perfect fit for our Marketing Manager role.


The Director of Demand Generation will be responsible for supporting Crisp Video Group’s overall marketing and sales goals by strategizing, implementing, and maintaining digital marketing efforts through a variety of channels - including email marketing, client outreach, and the occasional Facebook Live appearance.


You are the Ultimate Generalist. You don’t know everything, but you know enough to be dangerous in:

- Conversion funnels

- Content marketing - Paid traffic

- Email marketing

- Social media

- Search marketing

- Data and analytics

- Testing and optimization


In addition, you must be able to coordinate and manage a team of marketing team members, while also collaborating with Crisp’s executive team to ensure our marketing efforts are aligned with company goals.

This is an opportunity to shape Crisp’s future. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make Crisp seem irresistible to potential clients through powerful, persuasive, and persistent digital content marketing (see what we did there?).


Due to our unique team composition, there’s no other position in the world that offers as valuable a learning experience and professional growth opportunity as this.


If you’re an ambitious person with a growth mindset, then you couldn’t possibly want to work anywhere else.

You’re going to be part of a team that is moving incredibly quick. The speed with which we implement new ideas is likely faster than you’ve ever experienced. You’ll get a 360 degree view of how the business works and it will be your ideas that help us grow even faster.


On top of all that, compensation is extremely competitive with lots of room for growth.



You will be evaluated and vetted based on your ability to follow instructions Do not apply through the contact information on the website

To Apply: Please call 404-214-2152 for step-by-step instructions



Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Lead the execution of all daily management of marketing programs from start to finish while driving collaboration with the team - you’re the fearless leader on the marketing team

  • Developing and documenting new / better ways to get stuff done. Any and every idea you have will be heard. Seriously.

  • Driving marketing strategy to sell tickets for the world’s largest law firm growth conference - featuring Gary Vaynerchuk (for the record - we sold out the last one three months early)

  • Leading client and partner engagement behind our industry leading ambassador program ( Hint: yes, we really are giving away three Teslas and a Ferrari

  • Building genuine relationships with clients as you walk them through the video marketing (and paid marketing) process

  • Provide recommendations to clients on how to improve upon their digital presence

  • Figure out what the “next best thing” is (and the next best thing after that) to gather customer and market insights so you can develop strategies, increase customer conversions, and generate more qualified leads that result in hitting monthly goals (because we hate missing goals)

  • Monitor all marketing data with a fine tooth comb to ensure every campaign is optimized, effective, and driving results. If it’s not, you know what to do

  • Create beautiful, organized, preferably color-coded reports on all marketing data to present to senior leaders on a weekly basis


A few benefits you’re sure to enjoy:

  • Health Insurance

  • Generous PTO Package

  • Daily Catered Lunches

  • 401(k) with company match (aka, free money)

  • A relaxation room with a zero-gravity chair

  • An opportunity to win a Tesla Model 3 (Yes, really! A Crisp team member will drive off inma Tesla Model 3 this year!)

  • If you are the right fit, but not in Atlanta already, don’t worry! We will pay to get you here! (relocation expenses covered!

You will be evaluated and vetted based on your ability to follow instructions

Do not apply through the contact information on the website

To Apply: Please call 404-214-2152 for step-by-step instructions


Our requirements are pretty straightforward. To qualify you must:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or comparable experience

  • Display a strong aptitude for Marketing and Sales (i.e. you actually know what you’re talking about, you didn’t have to google SEO/PPC/Multi-channel Marketing on your way to the interview)

  • Know your way around a computer and other fancy technology - if you don’t know, you better learn fast

  • You eat, sleep, and breathe digital marketing and love the psychology of persuasion and influence

  • You prefer to be judged on your direct, quantifiable performance numbers (metrics like sales during a launch)

  • You know how to create “irresistible offers” in the digital marketing space...and already have quite a few “wins” under your belt

  • Be willing and able not only to meet goals, but to absolutely crush them

  • You can communicate clearly, take feedback well, and want to collaborate with those who know things you don’t so that you can learn and improve

  • Be comfortable with leading and collaborating in a team-oriented environment (your team is your group of ride-or-dies, they’ll help you achieve those goals from the last bullet point)

  • You can catch a typo from a mile away and you’re comfortable speaking in front of people

  • Work well under pressure and short deadlines. We move fast.

  • Hit all of your deadlines and do what you say you are going to do. Kick ass every day

  • Advanced Excel experience a plus

  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript experience a plus

Past Experience Desired (but not required):

3+ years of experience within a fast paced and transactional environment preferred



This position is expected to require minimal travel